Beauty and Beaux 2022

May 3, 2022 / Upper School/All News
2022 Beauty and Beaux Seniors

Congratulations to Jackson Academy’s beauty and beaux for 2022. Recognized students for each grade are as follows.

JA Most Beautiful and Most Handsome 2022

  • Morgan Dilworth and Ellis Bates


  • Addison Armstrong, Fowler Boyll, Morgan Dilworth, Mary Gibson Lundy, Olivia Quin, Ashley Runnels, and Annalee Willson
  • Daniel Adams, Ellis Bates, Barton Boyll, Matthew Frost, Porter Harrell, Graham Stevens, and Max Walenta


  • Stella Allen, Amelia Dare Bowman, Lilly Gebhart, and Mary Elise Lowe
  • Adams Kennedy, Louis Summerford, Bennett Wier, and Clayton White


  • Lindsey Johnson, Addison Tatum, and Mary Hampton Walker
  • Charles Baker, Baker Ebner, and Fisher Waldrop


  • Ellen Morgan and Sailor Hart Simpson
  • Bodie Akins and Miller Usry