Honor Code

Inspiring Honor and Integrity

JA’s first headmaster, Loyal Bearss, encouraged students to take responsibility. Six decades later, students are still stepping up. One of the recent initiatives that seeks to further strengthen students as they move into adult life is the Honor Code System.

The new student-governed Honor Code at JA expresses the values of the school community and helps students and adults strive toward personal honor and integrity in all dimensions of school life.

Designed by Students

Avery Hederman, 2018-19
Honor Council chairperson

“Students and faculty came together to craft the Jackson Academy Honor System during the 2017-18 school year,” said Avery Hederman, 2018-19 chairperson of the Honor Council and the student who penned the original draft of the Honor Code and Pledge. “We worked together to create a system that would be for the benefit of not only the students but also the school as a whole. The establishment of the Honor Council has provided a practical way for our mission statement to be carried through and lived out.”

Upper School students in grades nine through twelve sign a pledge indicating their intent to follow the Honor Code. Also, students apply for the chance and responsibility to serve on the Honor Council.

“Students choose to live by the Honor Code—they choose to live lives of excellence on the court, field, stage, or in the classroom,” said Hederman. “The Honor System encourages students to work to their own potential, allowing them to find purpose and to follow that purpose with integrity while being surrounded by a loving community that inspires success.”

Carrying on JA’s Tradition

The spirit of an Honor System has been within the DNA of JA for decades, with students, teachers, and administrators espousing principles of integrity, respect, and excellence. Through community service, participation in numerous character education programs, chapel, student-led spiritual retreats, practices of integrity, respect, and excellence are well grounded. In short, the Honor System affirms those practices and presents the code’s ideals as the expectation for everyone in the community.

Honor Code and Pledge
As members of the Jackson Academy community,
we will maintain the highest standards of
integrity and respect while striving to achieve
excellence in and out of the classroom.
As such, on my honor, I will not lie, cheat,
steal, or tolerate those who do.