The Jackson Academy Band inspires enthusiasm and school spirit – integral parts of JA’s everyday life – and is recognized among the premier educational performing ensembles in the nation.

A Legacy of Musicality

The success of the JA Band program centers on pride, commitment, and a nurturing environment. Students acquire life skills and leadership skills that are necessary for all career fields. Student leaders are relied upon to help achieve organizational goals. Participation in the JA Band enables students to form close friendships and the opportunity to work as part of a team. Organizational goals are clearly established, and the students depend heavily on each other to achieve them. The concepts of responsibility, teamwork, and good citizenship develop as each student experiences the world of music.

The JA Band program strives to produce informed young adults of high integrity who understand and appreciate music and who will foster the continuing development of artistic and cultural endeavors in their community.

For information about upcoming JA Band performances and activities, please visit the JA Band Blog.

Marching Band

The Jackson Academy Marching Band has a long tradition of innovation and excellence and is open to students in grades 7-12. Marching season lasts from early summer to early November, Each year the entire marching band attends a two week band camp before school begins during which the entire competitive program is taught. The camp finishes with a performance of the marching program for parents and friends.

In addition to local band competitions, marching band season involves performances at football games and pep rallies.  The JA Marching Band prides itself on supporting and helping create the school spirit which is such a vital part of student life at Jackson Academy.

For information about upcoming JA Marching Band performances and activities, please visit the JA Band Blog .

Concert Band
Color Guard

The Jackson Academy Color Guard members are multi-talented student musicians and performers. Open to students in grades 7-12, the guard adds color and and grace to the Marching Band show. Many JA Guard members, in addition to performing with flags, sabres, rifles, and dance, play a musical instrument. They contribute musically to the Marching Band and are also members of the Concert and Jazz Bands.

Jazz Band

The Jackson Academy Jazz Band is comprised of brass, wind, and percussion students in grades 7-12. It focuses on learning and improving jazz performance techniques including traditional jazz, big band, swing, pop, fusion, rock, funk, and Latin. Participation in the Jazz Band enhances technical abilities, sight reading aptitude, and improvisational skills. Jazz Band members are encouraged to listen to and explore jazz as an original American art form and hopefully carry with them an appreciation for Jazz Literature and the impact it has had on the American landscape.

Sixth Grade Band

At Jackson Academy, the Sixth Grade Beginner Band is designed as an instruction-based class (as opposed to a performance-based one) which serves as an introduction to instrumental music for all interested students. No prior musical experience is required to be a part of this class, and individual guidance by the band staff, including  the selection of an instrument, is provided to entering students. In the class, directors strive to create a nurturing environment, providing for the individual needs of each student as they develop tone and technique while progressing through an ensemble method book in a group setting.  A minimal but consistent home practice routine is encouraged to maximize this process. There are no after-school rehearsals. The ensemble performs at the Christmas Concert in December and an end-of-the-year concert in May.

As the initial step in the development of our student musicians, the Sixth Grade Beginner Band is a vital part of the JA Band Program, as well as serving as an introduction to instrumental music for any interested students.


The Drumline at Jackson Academy consists of percussion, brass, and wind musicians and performs on battery percussion at football games, pep rallies and other campus events.  It is a very visible and popular aspect of the JA Band. The primary purpose of the drumline is to enhance school spirit, while at the same time improving the members’ musicianship.

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