Student Life

Walk the JA campus and you’ll discover this is not a place that sits still very often. Students have endless opportunities to fulfill their academic, creative, and athletic potential through a host of engaging extracurricular activities.

You’ll see students debating policy in a Student Council meeting; delving deeper into their faith through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes; preparing for a kayak trip down the Gauley River with the Outdoor Club; or, brushing up on their broadcasting skills with the Raider Network Club.

That’s what it’s like to be on campus at Jackson Academy.

Every day has the potential for an enriching adventure, allowing children to step outside themselves and discover something new. And the best part? Raiders do it all together. Because that makes every new adventure, well, a lot more fun.

Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations promote leadership development, community spirit, public service, and social and cultural interaction. All academic organizations have grade requirements and are formed as student interest dictates.

Through clubs and organizations at JA, your child may have the opportunity to:

Earn a place in the National Honor Society or Cum Laude Society, a national selective, prestigious academic organization.

Gain exposure to a variety of lesser known sports, such as ultimate Frisbee®, Frisbee® golf, and paintball.

Participate in theatre productions — including the fall musical, the competition one-act play, and/or the spring full-length straight (nonmusical) play.

Discuss literature and collect children’s books for an after-school care center where younger students may not have access to books.

Learn cooking techniques and leadership skills through the Cooking Club that can be used well beyond time spent at JA.

Tour hospitals, view surgeries, and attend events with speakers from the medical field through the Pre-Med Society.

Service and Learning

Raiders also give their all in the thousands of hours they commit to community service every year. They tutor kids at a local elementary school, build houses with Habitat for Humanity, and take food donations to homeless shelters.

Through the JA Service and Learning Plan, we integrate meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

Students are challenged to become responsible citizens, while growing spiritually, emotionally, and socially. They document hours spent in service of others under the following guidelines:

  • Students will submit appropriate documentation for consideration and approval of volunteer work. Any service hours to be earned during school must be approved by a dean prior to service.
  • Students will download and utilize the MobileServe application to report volunteer hours.
  • Non-school related service, including summer service, will be considered as long as appropriate documentation is provided and approved.

“At a school any bigger than JA I would have to focus on just one thing, and that would be a shame because I wouldn’t get to do all of the things that I like to do, and a school much smaller wouldn’t have excellent programs in all of the things that I like to participate in, so JA is just perfect for me.”

Dolph Maxwell, Class of ’18

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