Middle School Sixth through Eighth Grades

The Middle School years can be exciting and sometimes difficult for students and parents. It is a time of growth and uncertainty and learning to navigate new privileges, opportunities and challenges as they leave lower school and become more autonomous in their learning experience. Through it all, we aim to meet your children where they are, to hep them discover heir talents and find their passions..

We build upon the work of the Lower School, helping your child discover and flourish in their environment. There is greater independence in the Middle School , for sure, but there are also greater expectations on behavior and commitment.

Through the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, your child will have the opportunity to explore new extracurricular activities and elective courses.

Middle School Curriculum

Your child will be introduced to a departmentalization system in sixth grade and continue through eighth grade, allowing for deeper subject matter expertise instruction and exposure to a greater diversity of teachers. Each year more individualized elective choice become possible, and your child will begin to navigate class changes individually instead of as part of a group.

In the Middle School, your child will have the opportunity to:

Work on his or her own take-home iPads, developing podcasts and iMovies to demonstrate mastery of a topic and the ability to communicate clearly as well as increase keyboarding skills.

Mentor first graders through the Book Buddies program, ultimately creating a book for their first grade friend.

Delve deeper into spirituality and faith during chapel services held every other week

Meet Our Division Leader

Matt Morgan
Head of Middle School

Matt Morgan serves as head of Middle School while continuing as associate head of school and academic dean. He graduated from Millsaps College with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and completed a master’s of business administration from Delta State University. He completed a master’s in educational leadership from Delta State University in 2013.

Middle School Events

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