Middle School Curriculum

Elective opportunities abound in the Middle School, encouraging students to explore all of their aptitudes and discover where their interest and passion lead them.

Each course is taught by caring, qualified faculty who partner with you to guide your child through a successful Middle School experience. Our curriculum is designed to enable your child to set course for a lifetime of learning.

Curriculum Schema

English 5English 6English 7English 8
Reading 5Literature 6Literature 7Literature 8
Honors Literature 8 *
Math 5Math 6Pre-AlgebraIntroduction to Algebra

Honors Algebra 1 *

American HistoryGeography /
Western Hemisphere
MS History & CivicsAmerican History
Integrated STEM
Integrated STEM
Science / Robotics
Integrated STEM
Science / Robotics
Integrated STEM
Science / Robotics

* Students must meet departmental requirements and receive departmental permission to enroll

Elective/Activity Schema

(Full Year)
Finale/Band (Full Year)Basketball (Full Year)Basketball ((Full Year)
Band (Full Year)Middle School Band (Full Year)Band (Full Year)
Finale (Full Year)Showtime (Full Year)Showtime (Full Year)
(Full Year)
Study Hall (Full Year)Study Hall (Full Year)Study Hall (Full Year)
PE (Full Year)Art (Full Year)Art (Full Year)
(Full Year)
Art (Full Year)Color Guard (Full Year)Color Guard (Full Year)
(Full Year)
Art/PE (Full Year)Football (First Semester)Boys P.E. (Full Year)
Digital Citizenship
(Full Year)
Life and Study Skills
(First Semester)
Strength Training (Second Semester)Latin (Full Year)
Physical Education
(Full Year)
Creative Writing and Keyboarding (Second Semester)Cross Country/Study Hall (First Semester)Cross Country/Study Hall (First Semester)
Middle School Concert Choir (First Semester)Middle School Concert Choir (First Semester)Middle School Concert Choir (First Semester)
Math Fun (First Semester)Math Competition (First Semester)Computer Fundamentals
Stem and Language (First Semester)Creative Writing Creative Writing
Service Learning and Current Events (Second Semester)Computer Fundamentals Math Competition (First Semester)
Study Hall (Both SemestersMusical Theatre/Theatre (Second Semester)Musical Theatre/Theatre (Second Semester)
STEM and Crafting (Second Semester)Study Hall/Track (Second Semester)Study Hall/Track (Second Semester)
Lyrical Dance (Second Semester)Photography/DesignPhotography/Design
Girls Soccer/Study Hall (First Semester)Girls Soccer/Study Hall (First Semester)
Big Screen Literature