Academic Resource Center

“Empowering students to unleash their potential for optimal achievement.”

At Jackson Academy, our commitment to providing an education to all students is core to our culture and mission statement. Through our Academic Resource Center program, we offer several tiers of instructional support to qualifying students. The purpose of the tiered support is to meet the student where they are currently functioning, supporting the whole child on their educational journey.


Lower School (K3-K5)

Soft support is offered to our youngest learners to build phonetic awareness and the underpinnings of reading and language.

$25 per small group session

ARC (1st-12th)

Students enrolled in ARC receive daily intervention in all core subjects, as well as:

  • Testing according to Individualized Learning Plan
  • Small group/one-on-one tutorial
  • Google Drive support through class notes, audio books, practice quizzes, and study support
  • Organizational support
  • Each learning facilitator acts as a learning coach to keep parent and student aware of current academic performance and assignments
  • Homework Grid provided to students in 1st-9th grade

1st-5th – $1,800
6th-12th – $2,000

Directed Study I

Same as ARC (1st-12th) with the exception of daily intervention. Intervention is on an as-needed basis.

$1,200 ($600 per semester)

Directed Study II

Online Support for organization and executive function.

$600 ($300 per semester)

Replacement Dyslexia Reading (1st-3rd)

Reading and spelling run parallel, meeting grade-level standards immersed in Orton Gillingham instruction to remediate reading and spelling deficits.

$2,500 per year (grades 1-3)

Alternative Math (1st-12th)

Math instruction runs parallel with grade-level skills.  Students are taught using alternative methodology to meet individual needs. Tutorial sessions are offered through ARC to the entire student population through after school tutorial in small groups at $10 per group session.

$2,000 per year – one/one
$1,200 per year – Alternative Algebra I, II, III, and Geometry

Speech and Language Therapy

$50 per 25-minute session

Private Tutorial Sessions

Private tutorial sessions are offered to the entire student population through after school tutorial in small groups at $10 per group session.

Lower School – $40 per hour
Middle School – $50 per hour
Upper School – $60 per hour


For admission into ARC, the student must have current psycho-educational testing on file signifying a need for educational support. The school’s learning team will review testing, as well as classroom performance and student work ethic, for admission.

Meet Our Director of Differentiated Instruction

Beth Murray, Director of Learning Diversity

Ms. Murray holds a Bachelor of Science in Educationally Handicapped from the University of Mississippi and a Master of Science in Administration and Supervision from Mississippi College. She is a Certified Dyslexia Specialist.  She can be reached at 601.364.5734 Ext. 236 or


“One of our children began struggling academically as soon as he got to JA. In stepped the Resource Program. This program has made all the difference in the world. He is a much more confident and well-adjusted child with a totally different outlook on school. Not only was JA confident in its ability to help our son, they have truly loved him every step of the way.”

Darrington Seward  JA Parent

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