Investigation, discovery, and play lead K4 students on a continuous adventure. With the help and guidance of our teachers, your little learners take on new tasks to build self-confidence and resilience.  

Spending a Day in K4

Who gets to be our helper this morning? That’s the first question that K4 students answer when they arrive at school. Each classroom’s designated helper leads everyone to the music room for activities. Students pledge to the flag and sing patriotic, religious, and seasonal songs. Next it’s time to parade out of the music room to read a Bible story and pray together in their classroom. After discussing the calendar and the weather, it’s time to study.

Reading and Writing

Each K4 class is subdivided into small groups of 4 to 6 children. In the classroom, one group spends 20 to 25 minutes with their teacher working on skills that give them a foundation for success in formal reading instruction. Meanwhile, other groups work on handwriting and fine motor skills taught through the use of the handwriting curriculum, phonemic awareness skills, and hands-on activities.

Snack Time

The teacher and the helper of the day serve a nutritious snack and drink. On birthdays, snack time is celebrated with a special snack.

Physical Education

Physical Education contributes to student health and wellness in the present and creates a foundation for a lifelong pursuit of health.

Story Time

In addition to having stories told or read to them, the children learn poems, finger-puppet plays, and Bible verses.

Full-Day K4

In addition to the morning half-day program, parents may choose a full-day program for their K4 students. K4 students in our full-day program enjoy the following enrichment programs in the afternoon:

Special Subjects

While conducting hands-on projects, teachers encourage students to see themselves as scientists exploring, investigating, and learning in their own unique ways through art, music, library, Spanish, and science explorations.


Spanish class helps students to understand different languages and cultures both in their country and throughout the world. Students learn vocabulary for everyday items, like hats and cats. Hispanic songs and games are integrated into vocabulary lessons.


Library time invites students to expand their imaginations, discovering worlds between the covers of books.


Music class is a fun time for students, but more importantly it is a time that accelerates the development of language acquisition and reading skills.


Art class vividly showcases the strengthening of fine motor skills and creativity in students.

Science Exploration

K4 students are perfectly poised to explore the world through the lens of science, with the light of wonder and curiosity in their eyes.

K4 Curriculum

SubjectCurriculum Used
Language, Vocabulary, Early Literacy DevelopmentRowland Reading Foundation, Happily Ever After, Superkids
Foreign LanguageSpanish
Pre-writing SkillsZaner-Bloser Handwriting
MathDaily Calendar, Manipulatives, Numbers Plus
Language ArtsOral Expression, Poetry
Science ExplorationJA Curriculum
Spiritual/Character DevelopmentThe New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, Building Character with Kelso
Social and Emotional DevelopmentCo-operative Play, Conflict Management – Kelso’s Choice
Creative ExpressionArt, Music
Literary AppreciationStory Time, Library
Physical DevelopmentPerceptual Motor Development, Mind n’ Motion – Capon