Student-Led Retreat Grows Faith and Friendship

October 1, 2019 / Middle School/Upper School/All News

“The reality of obedience is this; it’s less of God saying, ‘Don’t do that,’ and it’s more of God saying, ‘Will you trust me?” Last weekend, Hamilton Harper, Student Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Athens, Alabama, and Christ United Methodist Church’s worship band led 161 attendees and 65 student-leaders to focus on the idea of living fearlessly out of the knowledge that God always has a plan for His children. Throughout the weekend, students spent time in small groups led by upperclassmen and enjoyed several recreational activities, including a Western-themed line dance, basketball, and an eating competition.

“The best part about the retreat is not just growing closer to the Lord,” said Reeves Stratton, who helped to organize the event, “but also growing closer to younger kids. You grow closer in your faith while growing closer to younger kids and being role models to them!” Kennedy Nations also worked to organize the retreat and said, “The highlight of the retreat for me was watching everyone in worship while I was up next to the stage. Looking out across the PAC and hearing kids sing and just worship the Lord with everything they had gave me chills and will be something that I remember forever.”