On the New iPads: JA Looks Forward to Seeing What Students Will Create!

May 25, 2021 / News/All News

Last week, there was a bit of excitement when a large delivery truck rolled into the JA Administration parking lot. It was full of iPads ready for the coming school year.

Students enrolled at Jackson Academy for 2021-22 will be issued new iPads in the coming weeks. The 8th generation iPads with the new Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case come with a larger 10.2″ screen and a keyboard that feels like typing on a regular keyboard. The iPads will work with students’ existing Logitech Crayons. Pickup times during the summer will be announced.

“This school year marks three years since our last device refresh,” said Head of Technology Eddie Wettach. “We vetted many options as we looked at this device refresh and took feedback from students and staff. The main request we heard was the desire for a better keyboard case. The new keyboard case feels like typing on a regular keyboard. We believe students will find it a much better experience than our current case. In addition, this new case attaches differently than the old one and thus will eliminate issues with charging the iPad.”