Girls Volleyball Recognition

October 15, 2013 / ALL NEWS
Volleyball Recognition

(From left): Beaty Hill, Taylor Hodge, Hannah Wootton, Conley Chinn

The JA volleyball team finished their season with a 2nd place spot in the MAIS. The team was 26-6 for the year, with 9-1 in the conference. They also were the JA Varsity Invitaional Champions. Players Beaty Hill, Taylor Hodge, Hannah Wootton, and Conley Chinn were named to the All State Volleyball Team.

Volleyball Awards

Beaty Hill: Most Digs, 79 digs

Taylor Hodge: Most Kills, 179 kills

Hannah Wootton: MVP

Ashley Gnam: Best Server

Nancy Usey: Most Improved

Emily Sigler: Raider Award