Cross Country Ties Up 2019-2020 Season with a Bow

January 14, 2020 / Athletics/All News

The JA Cross Country Team held its awards night on Wednesday, December 4 in the JA Cafeteria to wrap up an exciting season of competition and growth. The evening of food and fun was a great way to celebrate, with dinner catered by Lexington Independents. Members of the team were presented with individual awards.

Varsity Girls

Pictured left to right: Caroline Wier, Emily Buchanan, Ella Logan. Not pictured: Abbie Mims, Harper griffin, Abigail Addison, Liyah Wilson.
  • 4th Place at State Meet
  • Ray Higgins Award – Abigail Addison
  • Most Improved – Ella Logan
  • Raider Award – Abbi Mims
  • Top Performer – Caroline Wier
Top 7:
  1. Caroline Wier
  2. Ella Logan
  3. Emily Buchanan
  4. Abbi Mims
  5. Harper Griffin
  6. Abigail Addison
  7. Liyah Wilson

Varsity Boys

Pictured left to right: Miles Johnson, Reed White, Andrew Harrison, Reed Travelstead, Law Stanley, Emery Thigpen, Clayton MaHaffey. Not pictured: Rhett Stanley.
  • 3rd place at State Meet
  • Ray Higgins Award – Clayton Mahaffey
  • Most Improved – Reed White
  • Raider Award – Miles Johnson
  • Top Performer – Emery Thigpen
Top 7:
  1. Emery Thigpen
  2. Clayton Mahaffey
  3. Reed Travelstead
  4. Rett Stanley
  5. Law Stanley
  6. Reed White
  7. Andrew Harrison

JV Girls

Pictured left to right: Liyah Wilson, Kara Mims, Ashlyn Patterson, Rosemary Adams, Anna Payton Parker. Not pictured: Anna Martin.
  • Most Improved – Anna Martin
  • Raider Award – Rosemary Adams
  • Top Performer – Kara Mims
Top 5:
  1. Kara Mims
  2. Ashlyn Patterson
  3. Ella Boykin
  4. Rosemary Adams
  5. Anna Payton Parker

JV Boys

Pictured left to right: Samuel Chustz, Carter Wier, John Travelstead, James Chapman, McNeil Haraway, Blake Bartlam. Not pictured: Nichols Katsaboulas, Lowe Sims.
  • 3rd place at State Meet
  • Most Improved – Samuel Chustz
  • Raider Award – Blake Bartlam
  • Top Performer – John Travelstead
Top 7:
  1. John Travelstead
  2. Blake Bartlam
  3. Nichols Katsaboulas
  4. James Chapman
  5. Lowe Sims
  6. McNeil Haraway
  7. Carter Wier