Teacher’s Dream Job Includes Making Science Fun

January 7, 2020 / Middle School/All News

Beth Williamson loves the enthusiasm of her students at Jackson Academy. She hopes that each student who leaves her seventh grade science classroom has not only an increased knowledge of science, but a love for science as well. Williamson is passionate about her students’ journeys to reach their potential. She likes to make an impact by making science fun for students. She believes that a student’s natural curiosity keeps them interested and engaged in science when they are allowed to independently explore concepts and function as a scientist.

Williamson’s connection to JA began with her daughter, Sadie, who has spent summers attending Summer Show-offs and volleyball camps at Jackson Academy. Instantly falling in love with the campus, Sadie knew she wanted to attend as a student. She is now in her first year at JA in sixth grade. “We used to call it her dream school, and now I am blessed to have my dream job.”