Middle School News

Middle School Student Council Elected

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Middle School Student Council officers, who were elected after two and a half days of campaigning throughout the division. This year each grade will be led by five elected officers and by volunteer representatives. To be recognized as a representative, a student will attend a minimum of 5 meetings and work on two projects each semester. Participating students gain invaluable experience in leading and organizing meetings and projects, while enriching the Middle School community through their service.

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Seventh Graders Raft the Okatoma

River water enveloped their senses – the smell, feel, sight, sound, and, sometimes, the taste of it – as seventh graders fought to navigate the current. The seventh grade took a trip to the Okatoma River last Friday, participating in a day-long canoeing excursion where students are encouraged to develop resilience and teamwork as they overcome challenges with the help of others.

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Third Quarter Honor Rolls

Academy Honor Roll Twelfth Grade Avery Anderson, Janise Bennett, Blaine Bowman, Hadley Brennan, Hannah Collums, Ilana Dallaire, Lacey Irby, Erin Jones, William Laird, Braden Lewis, Robert Lewis, Randolph Maxwell, Elizabeth McCubbins, Elizabeth Nosef, Alexa Perkins, Maggie Smith, Lillian Walker, Emma Ward, Margaret Whitehead, Anna Williams Eleventh Grade Ashlyn Adair, Skylar Alexander, Eeshaan Bajaj, Ashton Berry, […]

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