February 3rd, 2014

Track practice officially begins on Feb. 10. for those not participating in a JA winter sport. We will be practicing Monday through Friday weather permitting at the track at Raider Park. Any practice adjustments or cancellations will be communicated through text, email, and the JA Track news page that can be found on the JA website under Athletics. There are 3 different times available for practice.  Start times: 2:20, 3:20, 4:20

There will be a shuttle that will provide transportation from the Administration horseshoe on Sheffield to the track at Raider Park. The shuttle will run from 3:00-3:15. Most of the Middle School student athletes change clothes in one of the restrooms or locker rooms at school and then catch the shuttle to Raider Park.

Practice will usually last 40-60 mins. There is not a shuttle that runs back to school, so  student athletes should be picked up at Raider Park. Everyone will go through 1 week of basic conditioning that will concentrate on proper running mechanics and serve as a conditioning base. After one week, everyone will be evaluated. Once the evaluation process is completed, athletes will be placed into groups: sprinters/hurdlers/distance/throwers and jumpers. The groups will then dictate each person’s individual and daily workouts.

Any other specific questions should be directed to Coach Williams @ 601 573-7989 or  Jwilliams@jacksonacademy.org