Students Inducted into Subject and Language Honoraries

March 28, 2023 / Upper School/All News
English: Back row, left to right- Blake Jones, Win Hooker, Benjamin Watson, Red Deaton, Zyon Mcdowell, Gautum Ray, Titus Taylor, Thomas Antici, and Bennett Weir; Middle, left to right- Lilly Gebhart, Josh Watson, Copper Flechas, Louis Summerford, Abby Fielder, Olivia Smith, Blair Wilson, Landry Lester, Kate Frost, and Anna Margaret Hooker; Front, left to right- Josie Huff, Lucy Brooks Elfert, Kathleen Thigpen, Vivian Baker, Hayes Tharp, Mya Coins, Danielle Wallace, Alyssa Martin, Mallory Brooks, Madeline Ray, Sydney Thaxton, and Caroline Champagne.

Jackson Academy is thrilled to celebrate the academic achievement of students in the core subjects of English, math, science, and history, and in languages of Spanish, French, and Latin. Last week, JA honored students who have demonstrated academic excellence by inducting them into the National English Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, the Science National Honor Society, Rho Kappa, the Spanish Honor Society, the French Honor Society, and the Latin Honor Society.

Math: Back row, left to right- Ben Jones, John Travelstead, Stanton Cole, Kendell Davis, Parker Halford, Drake Lester, Cruise Nance, Newell Eatherly, Willis Thigpen, and Benjamin Watson; Middle, left to right- Grayce Geary, Brooke Rogers, Houston Hearn, Noah Pressler, Vivian Baker, Gracie Drew Pratt, Liles Williams, Abby Fielder, Olivia Smith, Emily Buchanan, Lucy Brooks Elfert, Landry Lester, Kendall Edmonson, Abbi Mims, and Sydney Thaxton; Front, left to right- Caroline Bennett, Virginia Browning, Sanders Reeves, Natalie Robertson, Sara Kate Long, Julia Berman, Abbie Cliburn, Elizabeth Nichols, Sophie Henderson, Crystal Gao, Brooke Dennis-Singleton, Morgan Cheatham, and faculty member Roxie Hood.
Science: Back row,  left to right- Thomas Antici, Cade Breland, Benjamin Watson, Samuel Long, Red Deaton, Noah Pressler, Zyon Mcdowell, Tack Mahaffey, Gautum Ray, and Titus Taylor; Front, left to right- Olivia Claire Williford, Anna Margaret Hooker, Eliza Beckett, Brook Rogers, Danielle Wallace, and Mallory Brooks
History: Back row, left to right- Samuel Long, Adams Kennedy, Blake Jones, Drake Lester, Win Hooker, Louis Summerford, Red Deaton, Noah Pressler, Tack Mahaffey, Gautum Ray, and Titus Taylor; Middle, left to right- Eliza Beckett, Grayce Geary, Hayes Tharp, Stella Allen, Mary Manning Farese, Kathleen Thigpen, Lucy Brooks Elfert, Abbi Mims, and Caroline Champagne; Front, left to right- Landry Lester, Kate Frost, Anna Margaret Hooker, Vivian Baker, Virginia Browning, Mallory Brooks, Danielle Wallace, Blair Wilson, Sydney Thaxton, and faculty member Dee Ball.
Spanish: Back row, left to right- Alex Davis, Sherrod Cauthen, McNeil Graves, A’Miracle Owens, and Brooke Dennis-Singleton; Front, left to right- Madelyn Griffith, Bella Palomo, Sophie Henderson, Elizabeth Nichols, Weathersby Dinkins, and Morgan Cheatham. Not Pictured: Joe King, Morgan Pollack, and Lee Margaret Sykes.
French: Back row, left to right- Cole Powers, Parker Halford, Ben Jones, Kendell Davis, Stanton Cole, Rob Pennick, Owen Bates, Law Stanley, Zyon McDowell, Davis Meeks, Cj Banks, and Brister Roberson; Middle, left to right- Reese Hill, Sarah Roberson, Ella Boykin, Olivia Thornton, Julia Berman, Susanna Everett, Mary Hampton Walker, Hayes Harrell, Enisha Shelton, and Danielle Wallace; Front, left to right- Darbie Brewer, Lindsey Johnson, Kendall Edmonson, Mae Mathison, Eliza Hawkins, Mya Coins, Sydney Thaxton, and Faith Wicks. Not Pictured: Tate Averett, Parker Halford, Anna Kate Lucas, Fuller Mahaffey, Eliza Perkins, and Logan Rohman.
Latin: Back row, left to right- Mason Brantley, Cam Walker, Thomas Blanks, Jacob Marble, Lofton Harris, Ian Hosch, and DJ Kelly; Middle, left to right- Anderson Ueltschey, Ava McManus, AJ Parker, John Travelstead, Lynnzee Stapleton, and Qasim Abdul-Tawwab; Front, left to right- Jolie Pirie, Belle Shoemaker, Brooke Emerson Ogden, Ava Bailey, Ellen Morgan, Molly Marie Moody, and faculty member Rebecca Fowler. Not Pictured: Aniya Bradley, Aniyah Brown, Belle Shoemaker, and Morgan Turner.