Ninth-Eleventh Beauties, Beaus, and Favorites

May 21, 2024 / Upper School/All News

Jackson Academy congratulates all students selected by their grade as beauties, beaus, and class favorites.

Junior Class Favorites 

(From back, left) James Chapman, Micah Wallace, Kendell Davis, Sherrod Cauthen, Josh Dockins, (front, left) Kennedy Harris, Aubrey Edmonson, Weathersby Dinkins, Elizabeth Nichols

Junior Beauty and Beau

(From back, left) Matt Thomas, John Thomas, Rhodes Robinson, Tripp Mosal, (front, left) Anna Adkins, Sophie Sosa, Ellen Morgan, Hayes Harrell

Sophomore Class Favorites

(From back, left) Cash Malouf, Crew Hassell, (front, left) Sadie Sandifer, Rosemary Adams, Ava Barbour (Not pictured: Dereon Albert)

Sophomore Beauty and Beau

(From back, left) Baird Kennedy, Camp Blunschi, Jamison Graham, (front, left) Chappell Lang, Caroline Quin, Madi Brewer

Freshmen Class Favorites

(From back, left) McNeil Meacham, Burwell Barton, (front, left) Liza Benner, Anna Holladay Craft

Freshmen Beauty and Beau 

(From back, left) Steven Hederman, Vaiden Taylor, (front, left) Miley Williams, Simmons Harrell