First Graders SOAR Through Boot Camp

May 21, 2024 / Lower School/All News

Jackson Academy’s first-grade students experienced the SOAR program for the first time last week, participating in a “boot camp” designed to teach teamwork and faith principles. Complementing armed forces classroom lessons, the activities emphasized the “Armor of God,” fostering physical and spiritual growth.

The SOAR program, known for its character-building initiatives, traditionally served older students. Started as a seventh grade rafting trip, SOAR now includes various activities for grades five through twelve, promoting faith, service, and leadership. The first graders’ boot camp marks an exciting beginning for several more years of SOAR adventures.

Led by Dean Arnold, the SOAR director, the boot camp offered interactive challenges each morning from Monday through Thursday at the Brickyard and basketball gym. This approach reinforced classroom lessons and provided a memorable introduction to SOAR, laying the foundation for future participation in JA’s outdoor learning experiences.