Juniors Lead in City of Ridgeland and Madison County

October 15, 2019 / All News

Three Jackson Academy students have been selected to serve in youth leadership and junior diplomat roles through the Madison County Business League & Foundation Youth Leadership Class and the Ridgeland Chamber of Commerce Junior Diplomat Program. Participating in youth leadership and diplomat programs gives students the opportunity to learn about business, government, community service, and teamwork.

Anne York’s application earned her a place in the Ridgeland Junior Diplomat Program, where students meet in the city hall to hear from representatives of the state and city to learn and collaborate on service projects. Mackenzie Coburn and Alex Summerford were nominated to participate in the Madison County Business League & Foundation’s program by staff at JA. Mackenzie said “I’m really grateful that JA chose me as a leader and put me in that position.”

The students are looking forward to honing their leadership abilities through the programs that they are involved in and are excited to learn more about their communities. The skills and connections that they cultivate will serve them in the future, but an immediate benefit of involvement is making new friends. “It’s kind of fun,” said Anne, “I get to meet people from different high schools that I would have never met!”