JA Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

August 13, 2014 / ALL NEWS

(From left, back): Rebecca Fowler, Shelley Morris, Neely Mundell, Richard Stafford, Maria Garcia, Angie Adair, Rob Triplett, Max Busching*, Hunter Murray*, Chance Theriot, Sydney Pinnen, Joy Cloud, Michele Markow (front) Cathy Strauss, Cassie Alston, Jennifer Clark, Katharine Todd, Nancy Kilpatrick, Leslie Waring, Beckie Lewis, Sarah Shaw, Lisa Perkins, Avery Buffington, and Sandra England*. Not pictured: David White.

*JA Alumni

JA is pleased to welcome an outstanding group of new faculty and staff for the incoming year. Representing areas from Preschool to core curriculum and special subjects to support staff, our incoming group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to complement JA’s already outstanding faculty/staff, curriculum, programs, and services.

New employees participated in orientation August 4, with an overview of Jackson Academy academic programs, operations, extracurricular activities, non-academic administrative services, and employee benefits. President Cliff Kling welcomed new faculty and staff, and JA Association President Jan Ishee spoke about the work of the JAA. Faculty members concluded the day in meetings with their divisional deans.

Join us in welcoming the following new employees:

Cassie Alston
7th Grade Literature
Vanderbilt University, B.A.
Union Seminary, M.A.C.E.

Angie Adair

Lower School Administrative Assistant
Mississippi College, B.A.

Avery Buffington
Lower School Art
Mississippi State University, B.F.A.

Max Busching
Upper School Spanish
University of Mississippi, B.A.

Jennifer Clark
Upper School English
University of Mississippi, B.A.

Joy Cloud
K3 Assistant
Blue Mountain College, B.A.

Sandra England
3rd Grade Teacher
University of Mississippi, B.A., M.Ed.

Rebecca Fowler
Upper School Social Studies
University of Mississippi, M.A.

Maria Garcia
Technology Center Administrator
Universidad Iberoamericand de Santo Domingo, B.S.

Nancy Kilpatrick
1st Grade Teacher
Louisiana State University, B.S.

Beckie Lewis
5th Grade Literature
Mississippi State University, B.A.
Lipscomb University, B.A.

Michele Markow
Upper School Academic Support
University of Mississippi, B.B.A.

Shelley Morris
2nd Grade Teacher
Middle Tennessee State University, B.S., M.Ed.

Neely Mundell
3rd Grade Teacher
University of Mississippi, B.A.
Jackson State University, M.Ed.

Hunter Murray
Upper School Anatomy/Physiology
University of Mississippi, B.S.

Lisa Perkins
Preschool Art
University of Mississippi, B.F.A.

Sydney Pinnen
7th Grade History
College of Charleston, B.S.
SUNY Oneonta, M.A.

Sarah Shaw
Upper School Science
Mississippi State University, B.S.

Richard Stafford
Technology Center Administrator
University of Louisiana, Monroe, B.A.

Cathy Strauss
Assistant to the President
University of Mississippi, B.A.

Chance Theriot
Upper School Science/Math
Mississippi College, B.S.

Katharine Todd
Upper School English
University of Mississippi, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Rob Triplett
Football/Golf Coach
Jackson State University

Leslie Waring
2nd Grade Teacher
University of Mississippi, B.A., M.A.

David White
Middle/Upper School Academic Support
University of Mississippi, B.S.
Mississippi College School Law, Juris Doctor