JA Honors Most Beautiful and Most Handsome

May 22, 2023 / Upper School/All News
Most Beautiful Mary Elise Lowe and Most Handsome Merritt Nations

Congratulations to Jackson Academy’s Most Beautiful Mary Elise Lowe and Most Handsome Merritt Nations, and all the beauties and beaus for the 2022-23 school year. They were recognized at recent end of the year awards ceremonies. Recognized students for each grade are as follows:

Senior Beauties and Beaus 

(back, left) Louis Summerford, Adams Kennedy, Win Hooker, Thomas Antici, Cade Breland, Bennett Wier, Merritt Nations, (front, left) Sydney Grace Hewitt, Mary Manning Farese, Caroline Bennett, Mary Elise Lowe, Amelia Dare Bowman, Hayes Tharp, Molly Baldwin

Junior Beauties and Beaus

(back, left) Harper Mars, Bo Barbour, Fisher Waldrop, Charles Baker (front, left) Lindsey Johnson, Isabella Conn, Vivian Baker, Abby Fielder

Sophomore Beauties and Beaus

(back, left) Tripp Mosal, Parker Halford, Sherrod Cauthen (front, left) Logan Burger, Sophie Sosa, Ellen Morgan

Freshmen Beauties and Beaus

(back, left) Baird Kennedy, Carter Mathison (front, left) Madi Brewer, Ava Barbour