The world of a K3 student bursts with bright new colors, shapes, and ideas every day. Whether they’re teaching the letters of the alphabet or a new story, our teachers cultivate curiosity and joyful exploration in each student every day.

A Day in the Lives of our Littlest Learners

It’s a new day, and it’s time to read a Bible story and practice the weekly Bible verse before saying the Pledge of Allegiance, talking about the weather, and going over the calendar. On Mondays new themes and letters are introduced, and on Friday’s everyone enjoys show-and-tell. Singing songs and reviewing numbers and letters helps K3 students warm up and put on their thinking caps before a prayer launches them into their day.


Creativity and imagination come alive as half of the K3 classes head outside for 20 minutes of free play.  Those who stay indoors practice letters, colors, and numbers, sharpening their cognitive abilities through art activities. In handwriting, teachers bring Raider Man to life, showing students how to build letters from lines and curves.

Snack Time

K3 classes enjoy a nutritious snack and drink during their day to keep their brains and bodies fully-fueled. On birthdays snack time takes on a special spin with singing and sweets.

Story Time

In addition to having stories told and read to them, K3 students learn poems, finger-puppet plays, and Bible verses. Children are given many opportunities to share their stories and experiences with their classmates and teachers.

Weekly Theme Time

This time focuses on the theme of the week! K3 students enjoy hands-on games and study different themes related to the seasons, holidays, and the color, shape, or letter of the week. These activities involve math, science, social studies, and children’s literature. Other enrichment activities include music and perceptual motor skill exercises, and continuously pushing the boundaries of our youngest learners’ ever-expanding worlds.


Music class is a fun time for students, but more importantly, it is a time that accelerates the development of language acquisition and reading skills.articipate in music class

Physical Education

Physical Education contributes to student health and wellness in the present and creates a foundation for a lifelong pursuit of health.

Science Exploration

In Science Exploration, K3 students explore the world through the lens of science, with the light of wonder and curiosity in their eyes.

K3 Curriculum

SubjectCurriculum Used
Language, Vocabulary, Early Literacy DevelopmentJA Curriculum
Pre-writing SkillsJA Curriculum
MathManipulatives, Get Set for School, Number & Math
Language ArtsThematic units and creative play, Show and Tell, Poetry
Scientific InvestigationJA Curriculum
The Young Learner’s Bible Storybook – Simon, Fruits of the Spirit
Social and Emotional
Co-operative Play
Creative ExpressionArt, Music, Centers
Literary AppreciationStory Time
Physical DevelopmentPerceptual Motor Development, Mind n’ Motion – Capon

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