A Day in the Life of a K3 student…

Beginning the Day

K3 begin their day with Opening. Opening includes reading a Bible story, learning a weekly Bible verse, going over the calendar, singing songs, reviewing numbers and letters, talking about the weather, and saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. New themes and letters are introduced each week. Children look forward to show-and-tell each Friday during this time. Opening always ends with a prayer for the day.


At this time, half of each K3 class (6 children) go outside with the assistant teachers for 30 minutes of free play. The remaining children stay in the classroom with their teacher. They are introduced to letters, sounds, shapes, color recognition, and numbers through 10. The K3 enjoy the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, which introduces each letter by building the letter with lines and curves from “mat man”.  Children create numerous art projects and “books” to reinforce various topics.

Tea Party

The teacher serves K3 tea party. It consists of a nutritious snack and drink. Tea party time on birthdays is celebrated with a special snack and singing.

Story Time

In addition to having stories told or read, the children learn poems, finger plays, and Bible verses. Children are given many opportunities to share their stories and experiences with their classmates.

Enrichment Time

During the last hour of the morning throughout each week, the K3 enjoy many hands-on manipulative games, fun home-living and block centers, and various developmentally exciting learning activities. The K3 classes cover different themes relating to the color, shape, or letter of the week, the seasons, and holidays. These include activities involving math, science, social studies, and children’s literature. Other enrichment activities include music, the development of perceptual motor skills, and the use of iPads to reinforce readiness skills.