Third Grade

This year at JA is when your child starts putting it all together and taking on more academic assignments. Third graders relate literature to their own lives, sharpen their problem-solving skills, and learn to write in cursive.

Your child will gain greater academic independence in third grade and delve deeper into topics with greater understanding. Developing a love of reading is a priority.

Third Grade Curriculum

  • Reading and Writing
    In addition to the classroom readers, there is an in-depth study of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods, which includes churning butter, creating paper quilts and making paper dolls. The unit culminates with all third graders square dancing, reciting poetry, singing songs, and presenting memorable scenes from the book in a program for their parents. Other chapter books your child will read include the classic tale of Charlotte’s Web and Beverly Cleary’s lovable book The Mouse and the Motorcycle. In English, your child will learn synonyms, antonyms, capitalization, punctuation, contractions, and dictionary skills. Students utilize their English skills by writing paragraphs and stories throughout the school year. Your child will learn cursive handwriting in third grade.
  • Math
    In Singapore math, your child will develop multiplication and division skills throughout the year. Reinforcement lessons sharpen problem-solving skills, addition and subtraction using multi-digit numbers; measurement using standard and metric units; fractions and decimals; and other areas.
  • STEM
    In third grade, your child will study science and engineering twice a week in our lower school STEM lab. Working in collaborative teams, students learn about our solar system, natural disasters, air and water, electricity, aeronautics, scientists and inventors, architecture, robotics, coding, the digestive system, plants, and birds. Through dynamic projects such as constructing a working FM radio and simulating earthquakes, students get to experience science for themselves.
  • History and Social Studies
    Social Studies is taught using field trips and hands-on experiences such as the famous American biography presentation and parade, during which students dress as famous Americans.
  • Physical Education
    Your child will participate in physical education three days a week. Instruction in P.E. continues the development of motor and manipulative skills, striking, kicking, jumping, hand-eye, and foot-eye coordination. Aerobics, rope, juggling activities, and low organizational games continue to develop skill and fitness. Your child will be introduced to team games and team sports skills practiced in lead-up games and activities. Third graders can participate in Running Club, an after-school activity to promote the development of healthy lifestyle habits. They are encouraged to walk or run for 18 minutes and set personal goals for how many miles they want to run throughout the year.

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