Fourth Grade

The fourth grade is a year of growth and change for your child at Jackson Academy. Fourth grade students move into the world of changing classes, more responsibility, and new opportunities to develop their gifts and delve into their interests.

Fourth Grade Curriculum

  • Reading and Writing
    Reading in fourth grade is strongly emphasized both in the classroom and at home. Your child will focus on reading to learn in each of the content areas. Fourth graders study Number the Stars, which allows students to go back in time to study World War II and the Holocaust. The English program will help your child conquer grammar rules and encourage creativity through the writing process.
  • Math
    Singapore math in the fourth grade covers the four basic operations, place value, problem-solving, estimation, fractions, and decimals. In our fourth grade, girls and boys study math in separate classes. This provides space for the girls to engage in the thoughtful discussions that research indicates truly cultivate their learning. Meanwhile, the boys’ math class participates in physical activities that demonstrate the math lesson and meet their need for more hands-on learning.
  • STEM
    Our fourth graders explore the world of science and engineering in our lower school STEM lab, which they visit twice a week. Working in collaborative teams, students learn about skeletal and muscular systems, microbiology, marine biology, architecture, coding, robotics, medieval machines, motion, rocks and minerals, renewable energy, and meteorology. Through dynamic projects such as catapult battles and driving a class-built electric go-kart, students get to experience science for themselves.
  • History and Social Studies
    The Social Studies program combines map skills, the states, regions of the United States, and the study of Mississippi. By studying the states and regions, your child will learn more about the country in which they live. In each region, they learn early history and the states and capitals of that area. While studying the Southeast, students enjoy a unit on Mississippi.
  • Physical Education
    Your fourth grader will participate in physical education three days a week. Students are exposed to a greater variety of activities with the intent that they will find some activity they will enjoy and continue to participate in throughout their lives. More advanced eurhythmics, juggling, and ropes are offered, as well as aerobics. Students in the fourth grade continue to participate in Running Club, a popular after-school activity that promotes healthy lifestyle habits. Continued emphasis on sportsmanship, respect, character education, and more personal accountability is required.

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