First Grade

First grade at Jackson Academy is a year filled with transition, as children move beyond the play of K3, K4, and K5 and develop academic skills that set them up for future success.

First graders learn about addition and subtraction, the fundamentals of literacy, science as inquiry and some of the basic concepts of social studies, among other topics. They celebrate family and history with a visit from their grandparents on Grandparents’ Day.

As a parent, you are invited to a special Parent Preview Day when you’ll have the opportunity to see our students in action. Children entering first grade are usually 6–7 years old.

First Grade Curriculum

  • Reading and Writing
    The language arts curriculum incorporates phonics, comprehension, children’s classics, vocabulary study and reading for pleasure. Manuscript writing, English and spelling also are taught to provide a meaningful correlation between reading and language arts. Through reading and discussion of books, your child will develop listening, thinking, reasoning and creative writing skills.
  • Math
    The Singapore math program in the first grade ranges from simple number identification to addition and subtraction. Your child will learn numerous math concepts and work with a variety of math manipulatives daily.
  • STEM
    Your child will learn about science and engineering during weekly visits to our hands-on STEM lab. Working in collaborative teams of four, students study the human body, weather, weights and measures, insects, chemistry and the earth and sun. Basic engineering principles are explored through the Lego Early Simple Machines curriculum throughout the year.
  • History and Social Studies
    Current events and holidays are emphasized in social studies. In November, first-grade pilgrims and Native Americans gather on the playground for the annual Thanksgiving feast, a special day that marks the culmination of a unit on the first Thanksgiving.
  • Physical Education
    Your child will engage in physical education five days a week. Emphasis is placed on the development of motor skills; manipulative skills; body image; directionality and spatial orientation; simple rhythmic, rope, and juggling activities; low organizational games; and, the components of fitness such as strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Learning activities are conducted through challenge activities, games, and individual station work. Character education, listening skills, respect, and sportsmanship are highly emphasized.

Visit Jackson Academy

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