November 17th, 2015


Jackson Academy is dedicated to preparing all students to reach their highest potential and succeed through the college years and beyond. The challenge lies in discovering each student’s unique set of talents and understanding how those talents will drive college major, career, and even life choices. In fall of 2015, the counseling office partnered with YouScience, creator of the innovative new tool called the YouScience Profile.

This month, counselors are visiting each junior and senior English classroom to help students activate their accounts and begin the assessment. With this program, students discover their unique set of talents through the revolutionary intersection of aptitudes, interests, and personality. The online, scientific program takes students through a series of assessments and interest questions, designed to determine their results in the 14 key aptitudes utilized in the working world. The results include a review of the student’s strengths, suggested environments where they will succeed, detailed information on possible careers that match those skills and interests, majors that map to those careers, and much more. Counselors help students review and interpret the comprehensive assessment results.

The YouScience Profile is designed to help students to make more informed decisions when it comes to major and career-related choices, which can translate into a more cost-effective and enjoyable journey through the college years, as well as helping students make better initial career choices.

Learn more about how the program works and watch video demonstrations at