July 31st, 2014

Students and families returning to campus in August will have multiple facility renovations and improvements to look forward to experiencing. In addition to extensive regular summer maintenance, the following additional projects are planned. The seventh and eighth grade Middle School hall will be completely renovated, floor to ceiling, and will feature new carpet and new lockers. The third and fourth grade hall and Lower School library will also receive new carpet. The brick wall along Ridgewood Road bordering the K3 playground will be completely rebuilt. Other projects include new and upgraded covered walkways, campus pathway maps strategically placed to aid visitors navigating the campus, upgrades to the internal intercom system, and a facility audit to plan for future maintenance and replacement costs.

In total, $520,000 will be reinvested in the JA campus this summer, ensuring that it continues to provide the best possible learning environment for our students. Stewardship and oversight for the projects are provided by the Building Committee of the Board of Trustees which is chaired by Phillip Bowman. Much gratitude is owed to Calvin Hudson, Director of Plant Services, and his staff for all of their hard work making these projects a reality.