August 30th, 2016


JA students and faculty/staff have been mobilizing efforts since mid-August to support victims of flooding in Louisiana. Initiatives began within a couple days of the flooding when an Upper School student began a drive to collect bottled water, clothes, and school supplies. An Upper School faculty member and his class collected cleaning supplies, paper towels, bottled water, and school supplies, which were sent through a church. This past Friday, a Lower School teacher drove to Baton Rouge to deliver directly to those affected $3,400 worth of gift cards students had collected. She also delivered hand made cards expressing the support and love of the young students of JA.

The JAA initiated a school uniform drive. Nearly 350 skirts and skorts were sent to Central Private School, which is an MAIS school. This school serves grades K3-12. Also, 300-350 shorts and pants were delivered to Central Public School District in Baton Rouge.

JA Upper School students joined forces with JP on Wednesday to raise funds for Red Cross relief efforts. Within 48 hours JA students raised over $2,000 by setting up collection tables at the soccer and football games.

Support efforts are ongoing. Lower School has adopted Northside Elementary in Denham Springs. Books have been sent to the school, and more gently used books are being collected. Grades two through four have designated Northside as the recipient of the books from their Accelerated Reading Read 4 Need program for the first term.


Upper School is sponsoring a drive this week. Students who want to join the Upper School Service Club are asked to sign up and contribute items that will be loaded onto a trailer on Friday and delivered to Denham Springs Neighborhood, an area devastated by the recent floods. Upper School students can check their email for the details.

Items needed include the following:

Band Aids
Advil / Tylenol / Aleve
Clothes / Washing Liquid or Pods
Fabric Softener
Dryer Sheets
Hoses / Spray Nozzles
Zip Lock Bags (Quart / Gallon / Two Gallon)
Kitchen Garbage Cans / Kitchen Size Garbage Bags
Towels / Wash Cloths
Sheets (Queen / Full)
Pillows – Pillow Cases
Sponges / Scrub Brushes
Anti-bacterial Hand Soap
Toothpaste / Tooth brushes
Shaving Cream / Razors
Paper Towels / Toilet paper
Gift Cards (Home Depot / Walmart / Chain Restaurants)