October 21st, 2015

Retreat web news - 1The Retreat: Ablaze was an amazing experience for the 300-plus students and alumni who were part of this student-led weekend. There was pizza and meeting with team leaders after the game Friday night before heading to the host homes for small group times. On Saturday, there were sessions with speaker Chad Berry and praise music with the Matt Collins Band, followed by breakout sessions. After lunch, participants had recreation time with a wide range of sports, relay races, and games. Saturday evening included dinner with small groups, more music, sessions, and small group times, plus a surprise party. On Sunday, the students cleaned up at the host homes then returned for a closing session at Raider Park. Both the leaders and the participants reported it was a wonderful time of fellowship and fun. Many recent alumni, now college freshmen and sophomores, returned to campus to be part of this great program and assist the leaders.