School Policy on Photo/Video

It is Jackson Academy’s desire to share the positive activities, achievements, and recognitions earned by our students with the community. We believe publicizing our students’ successes helps to promote the benefits of a Jackson Academy education. The use of photos, audio, and video showing students involved in classroom, athletic, and other school-related activities adds significantly to the communication value of school print, broadcast, online media, and publicity. Throughout the school year, photos and videos taken at school events, in the classroom, and at award recognition presentations are used on our website, weekly email, social media sites, advertising pieces, and admissions and alumni publications.

Usually we hear that parents are eager to see their children’s accomplishments used by the School. Unless notified in writing by a parent or legal guardian, it is assumed that photographs, audio, and video footage of students may be used in school materials including print, broadcast, and online media and publicity. This includes, but is not limited to publication in local media, on the school website, in promotional materials, and on appropriate online outlets.

It is our hope that all parents would like to share their student’s efforts with the greater community. However, if you do not want your child included in any photos, audio, or video, please request a Photo/Video Opt-Out form from the Marketing & Communications Department or opt-out online here. If you choose to submit this request, please inform your student(s) so they will understand why they are not included in photos or videos taken by the School. Upon receipt of a signed form, we will make a diligent effort to avoid intentional use of your child’s photo or video, including Awards Day photos. In situations where large groups of people are participating, it is often impossible not to photograph or video certain students, therefore we cannot prevent the use of footage that unintentionally includes your child. Additionally, students who participate in extracurricular or athletic activities may be photographed by members of the media, area photographers, or the general public. This opt-out form is not a valid means of preventing this type of photography or video.

Please be aware that opt-out requests are valid for the current school year and must be renewed at the start of each school year.

Photo/Video Opt-Out Form

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School Policy on Photo/Audio/Video