MAIS Elementary Teacher of the Year

December 10, 2013 / ALL NEWS
Beckie Moes Class

Congratulations to Beckie Moes who was selected as the Mississippi Association of Independent School’s Elementary Teacher of the Year at the MAIS-Education Association State Teachers’ Convention! She teaches second grade at JA. This is quite an honor for both Beckie and JA.

Beckie Moes has taught at JA for 20 years in either first or second grade. She was selected by her fellow teachers in the JA Lower School as the Jackson Academy Lower School Teacher of the Year. That honor led to her being JA’s nominee for the MAIS-EA Elementary Teacher of the Year.

The students in the picture above from left to right are Rainey Copeland, Logan Boyd, Tack Mahaffey, Anna Margaret Hooker. The students above and below are all currently in Beckie’s second grade class.

Beckie Moes Class 2
(From left): Efrem Lehman, Clayton Upchurch, Harper Griffin, Alyssa Martin, Alex Guild, Austin Craft, Darbie Lynn Brewer, Luke Smith, Allie Martin
Beckie Moes Class 3
(From left): Coulter Lankford, Benjamin Watson, Michael Greenlee, Samuel Chustz, Reese McMichael, Mary Hampton Walker, Hollis Wondries, Liyah Wilson