JA Welcomes Wheelcats to the Court

February 5, 2019 / Upper School/All News

The Upper School gymnasium filled with students from grades three through twelve as the varsity Raiders basketball team warmed up to take on an opponent that has beaten them three years in a row. The Mississippi Wheelcats are one of the most fun and challenging adversaries on the court, but at the end of the first quarter it looked like the Raiders stood a chance. The Wheelcats took the game back in the second quarter, however.

With a solid lead in hand, the Wheelcats asked to have the Raiders’ score increased so that both teams entered the final quarter with 20 points each. Athletic Director David Sykes, Band Director Todd Taylor, Assistant Boys Basketball Coach Krayleon Winston, Eighth Grade Math Teacher Chad Lessard, and Security Office Richard Byrd strapped into wheelchairs for the last quarter, bringing the score to 23-26, Wheelcats, before the final buzzer.