October 31st, 2017


The Jackson Academy Swim Team once again has shown that we’re simply better together! JA swimmers won the MAIS Overall Championship that is awarded to the school with the most points in first through twelfth grades. In the elementary division, JA brought home a second place trophy. Congratulations to all the JA swimmers!

Individual and team placements and records:

  • Isabella Conn broke a record in 25 Free with a time of 13.34
  • Parker Bracken 2nd in 50 Free
  • 7th-9th Boys Free Relay 3rd
    Jackson Conn, Ford Hudson, Adams Kennedy and Parker Ryan
  • 7th-9th Girls Free Relay 1st
    Ava Crawford, Julianna Copeland, Alice Williams, Parker Bracken
  • Jackson Conn 1st in 50 Breast
  • Parker Bracken 3rd in 50 Breast
  • Jackson Conn 2nd 50 Back
  • Ava Crawford 3rd 50 Back
  • Ava Crawford 2nd 50 Fly
  • 7th-9th Boys Medley Relay 3rd place
    Jackson Conn, Adams Kennedy, Ford Hudson, Will Adams
  • 7th-9th girls Medley 2nd place
    Julianna Copeland, Parker Bracken, Alice Williams, Ava Crawford
  • 1st-3rd boys Free Relay 2nd
    Smith Haralson, Parker Orr, Barron Mosal, Walter Towery
  • 1-3 girls Free Relay 2nd
    Anna Hollady Craft, Brianna Wang, Adrianna Wang, Sarah Kathryn Williams
  • Walter Towery 1st place back stroke
  • Brianna Wang 3rd place backstroke
  • Walter Towery 2nd place 100 IM
  • Brianna Wang 2nd place 100 IM
  • Parker Orr 2nd place 25 Breast
  • Adrianna Wang 2nd place 25 Breast
  • Smith Haralson 2nd place 25 Fly
  • Sarah Kathryn Williams 3rd place 25 Fly
  • Smith Haralson 3rd place 50 Free
  • Adrianna Wang 1st place 50 Free
  • 1-3 Girls Medley Relay 1st Place
    Anna Holladay Craft, Sarah Kathryn Williams, Adrianna Wang, Brianna Wang
  • 4-6 boys 3rd Place Free Relay
    Baird Kennedy, Major Quin, Cole Gideon, Cam Walker
  • 4-6 Girls Free Relay 1st place
    Katherine Gault, Anna Kate Lucas, Liles Williams, Isabella Conn
  • Major Quin 2nd Place 50 Back
  • Major Quin 2nd Place 100 IM
  • Baird Kennedy 3rd Place 25 Free
  • Isabella Conn 1st Place 50 Breast
  • Liles Williams 3rd place 50 Fly
  • 4-6 Girls Medley Relay 1st place
    Katherine Gault, Anna Kate Lucas, Liles Williams, Isabella Conn