February 10th, 2014

DORE GraphicThe Academic Resource Center at Jackson Academy supports the needs of exceptional students and those with learning diversity. JA is proud to announce its partnership with the DORE Program, an individualized, drug-free program that builds a foundation for learning and skill development through the use of practical exercises that improve the ability to learn, read, write, and concentrate by improving the efficiency of the cerebellum.

“The DORE program is an exceptional resource for students who want to improve their ability to concentrate and strengthen their memory systems. This non medicinal approach opens pathways to enhance academic performance for any type of learner,” said Beth Murray-Wilson, Academic Resource Center coordinator of studies.

Jackson Academy students can enroll in the DORE Program and complete their daily exercises at school. Many students have already begun working with the DORE team.

JA fourth grader Bennett Brooks recently completed his three-month assessment with DORE and experienced improvements in visual transferring (reducing errors when copying down information), handwriting, multiplication, and attention span, among other measures.  “We are very pleased with DORE’s results and know that it is a worthwhile investment. Don’t get me wrong-it is a tremendous commitment for our entire family,” said Amy Brooks, JA parent, about her son’s experience with DORE. “Bennett is especially excited that his DORE exercises have improved his basketball game!”

DORE stimulates the brain by individualizing and targeting exercises based on each client’s cerebellar inefficiencies. Increasing the functionality of the cerebellum through physical exercise reduces the symptoms of some learning difficulties.

Success demands hard work, dedication, and confidence. DORE equips students with the tools to succeed in order to reach their maximum potential. DORE can strengthen the intellectual capacity of any student, including those who are high performing.

To learn more, contact DORE at 601.326.5550 or visit doreusa.com.