January 9th, 2014

Fioretti Award Graphic

Fran Fioretti, Lower School First Grade Teacher

For more details regarding 16WAPT’s Outstanding Teacher of the Week Award see below:

Raider students, parents, alumni, and friends: Here’s an opportunity to nominate one of the teachers who has made an impact in your life or the life of your child for the Outstanding Teacher award. Each Monday, 16WAPT will choose a new Face and Body Outstanding Teacher of the Week from the nominations submitted online. A program representative will contact the winning teacher’s school to schedule a Wednesday morning “surprise” presentation where the winning teacher will be awarded a Face and Body Center spa certificate valued at $250. Each winner will also be featured in a story on 16WAPT’s Friday morning news.

 To nominate a teacher, visit www.wapt.com/face-and-body-center.