October 22nd, 2013

Girls Softball Awards

(From left, top): Amanda Ray, Ashton Berry, and Delaney Wallace
(Bottom): Emily Iupe, Kathryn Butler, and Madison Warman

Most Valuable Player: Delaney Wallace
Best Offensive Player: Delaney Wallace
Best Defensive Player: Delaney Wallace
All Conference: Delaney Wallace

1st Annual Coach Scott Branning Award: Ashton Berry

Most Improved: Robyn Hadden

Players’ Raider Award: Delaney Wallace
Coaches’ Raider Award: Madison Warman

Coach’s Award: Amanda Ray
Coach’s Award: Kathryn Butler
Coach’s Award: Emily Iupe

Students in grades 5-11 interested in Fast Pitch Softball should contact Assistant Coach Aimee Plunkett at aplunkett@jacksonacademy.org with their contact information to be updated about off-season softball events and skills sessions.