The opportunities for students to express themselves and interpret through the visual arts begin in the preschool. Jackson Academy students in all divisions are taught by highly qualified art instructors, and progress through the process of drawing, painting, designing, and developing an appreciation for the visual arts. JA offers numerous Middle School and Upper School courses in visual art, including AP Art.

Jackson Academy provides art experiences for students in seventh and eighth grades for one nine week term during the school year.  Middle School builds on the Lower School art program.  The overall art curriculum employs the elements and principles of art which are supported by the history of art.

Beginning in ninth grade, a student may choose to take Art for an entire school year.  Art Fundamentals is a survey course that provide a variety of art experiences including drawing, painting, and printmaking.  Media experiences include paint, pencil, charcoal, pastels, ink. Drawing and painting, 2D design, and 3D design provide further creative experiences for upper level students.

Advanced Placement Art is available for highly motivated art students.  The AP Art porfolio is composed of twenty-four pieces of quality artworks.  Twelve pieces in the Breadth section of the portfolio show that student has mastered a wide range of artistic skills.  Twelve pieces in the Concentration section show the student’s exploration of a specific area of interest.  After a national evaluation of the portfolio the AP Art students may receive college credit for their portfolio scores.

Middle and upper school art students compete in the statewide Scholastic Art Competition in January. Many of the JA students submit both individual works and portfolios, winning multiple awards.

Gold Key winners in the statewide competition are submitted to the national Scholastic Art Competition. American Vision Award artwork also advances to the national competition.