Jackson Academy provides Middle School and Upper School students with a medium of musical expression. All students are introduced to sight singing, beginning elements of music theory, techniques for vocal performance, and are exposed to principles of teamwork necessary for a successful ensemble setting.

Both age groups are invited to audition for Jackson Academy’s award-winning show choirs Encore (Upper School) and Showtime (Middle School). Both age groups are also eligible for the annual musical production.

Throughout the year, Jackson Academy choral students are offered a wide variety of musical performance opportunities, including annual musical productions, concerts, external competitions in such locations as Alabama, Missouri, New York, Florida, and Illinois, as well as throughout the state of Mississippi. Every experience is chosen and designed to enhance the students’ musical talents and appreciation of the arts.

The Choral Music program at Jackson Academy is designed to give students opportunities for personal growth as well as satisfaction derived from interaction with fellow students and fine arts professionals from other regions. Curriculum objectives for Jackson Academy students include the following:

  •  To provide the student with a source of enjoyment and inspiration through music  and interaction with peers.
  • To provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression through participation as a performer and consumer of music.
  • To provide the student the opportunity to develop technical proficiency using the basic elements of music.
  • To provide the student the opportunity to experience personal growth as well as the satisfaction derived from cooperative effort.
  • To provide the student with a comprehensive music program that establishes a  solid and permanent relationship with music.