Sometimes people see JA as a little “old-school”—we take that as a compliment.

We’ve built our success on the challenge and rigor of our traditional academic curriculum and emphasis on spiritual and ethical development:

  • At the heart of our mission is a balanced, nurturing, college-preparatory education for every student.
  • Every JA student graduates having mastered core academic subjects such as reading, writing, social studies, science, and math, while also completing the appropriate courses, such as foreign language, expected as part of a comprehensive education that instills self-awareness and critical thinking.
  • Students of all faiths explore matters of spirituality, morality, and ethics throughout their years at JA, including devotional time, chapel programs, and other opportunities to understand the importance of faith in building strong character and strong community.

We bring that same focus and precision to our athletics, arts, and other extracurricular programs. We believe that’s why our students have an amazing tradition of achievement.

One Size Does Not Fit All

We aim to provide your student with the best possible learning support. We recognize that each student comes to JA possessing different talents and abilities. We uncover and nurture each child’s strengths while challenging and supporting them in addressing weaknesses through offerings including

  • honors and Advanced Placement classes
  • Academic Resource Center (ARC)
  • open parent-teacher communication channels

Apple One-to-One

In 2012, JA launched an initiative to integrate mobile and laptop devices across grade levels. Middle School and Upper School students use MacBook Air laptop computers, while younger students work on lessons and projects with iPads and iPod Touch mobile devices. We have been astounded with the speed with which both teachers and students have incorporated multimedia and computer-based learning with more traditional approaches. JA students demonstrate their mastery of subject matter through podcasts, videos, and presentations, and student engagement and time focused on task has skyrocketed. JA will continue to expand and adapt new technology in the classroom to increase student understanding. Learn more on our iLearn website.

Increasing Emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

Career opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields continue to grow. We can’t yet envision the jobs of the future, but we do know that to prepare, our students must develop in-depth skills and master knowledge in the “hard” sciences—including the ways these subjects intersect with and impact each other.

We are constantly assessing and enhancing our STEM curriculum and facilities. JA has moved to interdisciplinary lab time for Middle School students so they can see and practice the connections in hands-on experiments. Three new STEM labs will also become available in fall 2013 for students in second through eighth grades.

We will continue to make STEM investments a priority for our children so they graduate with the skills to negotiate evolving knowledge and scientific approaches.

College Success

We’re proud of JA’s tradition of sending students on to success at many great institutions of higher education. You’ll find graduates at colleges ranging from Vanderbilt to The University of Southern California. Many JA grads do choose to attend in-state schools such as Ole Miss and Mississippi State University because of the multigenerational connections that their families have to these institutions. Additionally, the honors program options and in-state tuition costs make these colleges especially attractive.