The Annual Fund is the only school-operated voluntary fundraiser of the year.  All donations are used by the JA Board of Trustees, administration, and teachers to strengthen the classroom experience for students.  Most recently, unless otherwise specified by the donor, gifts to the Annual Fund have transformed the Upper School Library into a beautiful new Learning Commons.

Teachers also benefit through annual giving.

  • Teachers receive a $100 Christmas bonus and gift card.
  • A significant percentage of JA Annual Fund dollars is earmarked to a growing teacher endowment. This endowment will one day provide Trustees with additional sources of revenue to help retain and attract quality teachers.


 The Annual Fund Contributions to Jackson Academy

  • K3 S.M.A.R.T. lab
  • Uppers School renovations
  • Renovations to the Preschool and Lower School playgrounds
  • Construction of new Commons area for outdoor gatherings and events
  • New MacBook and iPad carts for the Lower School
  • Three MacBook carts for the Upper School
  • “Smart Boards” for Upper School classrooms
  • “Brain Bikes” for Lower School PE
  • Computers for the Upper School library
  • Preschool climbing wall
  • Upper School science lab enhancements
  • Preschool perceptual motor skills equipment