Jackson Academy is blessed with families and friends who have established scholarships in honor or memory of a friend or loved one that assist JA families in the form of tuition credit. Each of the scholarships is endowed and is awarded at the appropriate class day each spring to students who meet the specified criteria established by the donating family. Jackson Academy is grateful to these families who desire to recognize excellence in achievement.

The 20th Century Endowed Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded each year to a student who possesses leadership skills, is well-rounded in his or her academic and extracurricular pursuits, and who comes from a Christian home.

Andrew Yoste Defore Annual Scholarship

The scholarship was established in 2005 by Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Defore, Sr. in memory of their grandson, Andrew Yoste Defore, a 2002 JA graduate. This scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student who demonstrates the desire to unselfishly serve others, is dedicated to high achievement in academics and other activities, and is committed to a Godly and healthy lifestyle.

Hallie Houston Keyes Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the family of Hallie Houston Keyes. The boy or girl will be a rising senior who has made the best response to his or her environment and who has been the most helpful to their fellow students. Three students who meet the criteria are chosen by a faculty committee and then the Upper School student body votes for one recipient.

Harmon and Faye Bowman Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was established by JA alumni Phillip Bowman ’86 and Amy Bowman ’89 in memory of their parents, Harmon and Faye Bowman. Amy and Phillip established the scholarship for Jackson Academy students with preference given to a senior high boy or girl who has demonstrated the personal characteristics that indicate the promise of success in personal endeavors.

The Herschel Brickell Family Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1997 by the family of Mr. Brickell, the scholarship is presented to a rising tenth grade student who possesses the personal qualities exemplified or admired by Herschel Brickell including good character, integrity, self discipline, individual initiative, independence, a quest for knowledge, and a desire to achieve.

Higgins Family Scholarship

The Higgins Family Scholarship was established in 2013 by Ray, Millie, Wade, and Carter Higgins. 

The annual beneficiary of this scholarship is a student who has demonstrated strong, moral character in his or her daily life. The recipient exhibits a spirit of hard work in studies, sports, or activities. They often look to the needs of others and do their share to make their school and community better.

Jane Gibbons Memorial Scholarship

The recipient of the Jane Gibbons Memorial Scholarship is a rising seventh grader who exhibits the following characteristics: loyalty to Jackson Academy, having been a JA student since fourth grade, shows promise of a musical ability, and demonstrates a Christian spirit of encouragement and kindness as exemplified by the late Jane Gibbons, a former teacher in the JA Middle School.

Jernberg Scholarship

In 2014, the JA Board of Trustees established the Jernberg Scholarship, which celebrates and awards academic excellence, in honor of President Emeritus Peter Jernberg, who led JA from 1988 until retirement in 2014. Recipents of the Jernberg Scholarship are highly qualified applicants who completed testing, essays, recommendations, and school and financial applications.

Julie Dyer Collins Leadership Award

The scholarship was established in 2007 by JA alumna Julie Dyer Collins ’86. The criteria states that the student be a rising senior, have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.5, be an active participant in at least one sport, and be of strong moral character and a class leader as determined by JA.

The Leigh Anne Ward Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship recipient is a rising eighth grade boy or girl with a grade point average in the upper half of the seventh grade class. The recipient exhibits the following characteristics: demonstrates a love for children and a servant heart, demonstrates 
Christian love and caring for others, and has strong moral character.

Mary Sprayberry Memorial Art Scholarship

The Mary Sprayberry Memorial Art Scholarship was established in 2007 by the Jackson Academy elementary faculty in memory of elementary art teacher Mary Sprayberry. The recipient of the scholarship is a rising senior who exhibits the following characteristics: loyalty to Jackson Academy, having been a JA student since seventh grade, a Christian spirit of encouragement and kindness as exemplified by Mary Sprayberry, and possessing creative and artistic talent.

Scott Branning Scholarship

The scholarship was established in Coach Branning’s memory by his friends, the Branning family, and Jackson Academy. Love for JA, personal integrity, respect for and sensitivity to others, and tenacity in dealing with the circumstances of life—all qualities that Coach Branning exemplified in his daily life through his walk with Christ—are the criteria for this truly special scholarship. This scholarship honors a rising sophomore, junior, or senior and is awarded each spring at Upper School Awards Day.