The Fourth Grade is a year of growth and change for students. Fourth grade students move into the world of changing classes, more responsibility, and gender specific math classes.

Reading and Writing

Reading in fourth grade is strongly emphasized both in the classroom as well as at home. Students focus on reading to learn in each of the content areas. Fourth graders study Number the Stars, which allows students to go back in time to study World War II and the Holocaust.

The English program helps students conquer the rules of grammar and encourages creativity through the writing process.


Singapore math in the fourth grade covers the four basic operations, place value, problem solving, estimation, fractions, and decimals. The hands-on activities geared to the specific genders help bring a greater understanding to what is being learned.


Our fourth graders explore the world of science and engineering in our lower school STEM lab which they visit twice a week.  Working collaboratively in NASA-inspired “crews” of four, students learn about rocks and minerals, motion, advanced robotics, microbiology, skyscrapers, extreme storms, rocketry, stop-motion animation, renewable energy, and amusement park design.  One of the highlights of the year is the Crime Lab mission in which our young CSI agents use their skills to solve five individual cases.

Social Studies, History, and Extras

The Social Studies program is a combination of map skills, the states and regions of the United States, and the study of Mississippi. In the study of the states and regions, students learn more about the country in which they live. In each region they learn early history and the states and capitals of that area. While studying the Southeast, students enjoy a unit on Mississippi.