Reading and Writing

Reading comprehension skills are a key emphasis in second grade. The reading program focuses on preparing independent, self-motivated, critical thinkers. Students learn to evaluate critically what they read and express themselves clearly in speaking and in writing. All second graders also participate in the Accelerated Reader Program which fosters a love of reading and increases comprehension skills.


In Singapore math, skills and concepts are taught in different contexts. Students learn to recognize a problem, select an appropriate strategy, solve the problem, and reflect on their reasoning.


Our second graders explore the world of science and engineering in our lower school STEM lab which they visit once a week.  Working collaboratively in teams of four, students learn about animal classification, ecology, forces, plants, simple machines and oceanography.  They are also introduced to the fascinating world of robotics through the Lego WeDo program.

Social Studies, History & Extras

In social studies, second graders participate in a program that emphasizes the community, map and globe skills, and learning about geography through literature. During the study of Squanto, students map out Squanto’s travels around the world, stepping back in history to locations they are reading about.

One highlight of second grade is JA’s Little Dribbler program. Students learn to perform in unison demonstrating hand-eye coordination, dribbling skills, catching techniques, and movement of the ball.