Reading and Writing

In first grade, the language arts curriculum incorporates phonics, comprehension, children’s classics, vocabulary study, and reading for pleasure. Manuscript writing, English, and spelling also are taught as meaningful correlation between reading and language arts.  Through reading and discussion of books, first graders develop listening, thinking, reasoning and creative writing skills.


The Singapore math program in the first grade ranges from simple number identification to addition and subtraction.  Students learn numerous math concepts and work with a variety of math manipulatives during their daily math lesson.


First graders learn about science and engineering in our hands-on STEM lab which they visit once a week.  Working in collaborative teams of four, students study the human body, weather, weights and measures, insects, chemistry and the earth and sun.  Basic engineering principles are explored through the Lego Early Simple Machines curriculum throughout the year.

History, Social Studies, and Extras

Current events and holidays are emphasized in social studies.  In November, first grade pilgrims and Indians gather on the playground for the annual Thanksgiving feast, a special day that marks the culmination of a unit on the first Thanksgiving.

A special highlight of the year is Grandparents’ Day, a time when grandparents visit the school to learn about a day in the life of big school with their grandchildren. First grade parents are also invited to a special Parent Preview Day when they have an opportunity to first grade learning in action.