Resources for Research

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Avoiding Plagiarism

Jackson Academy “expects and requires honorable conduct by students” in regard to plagiarism. “Plagiarism is a form of cheating and is defined as using someone else’s words, style or ideas without giving proper credit which includes the use of quotation marks and/or notes and proper documentation.” (JA Student Handbook)The following links may be helpful when questions arise concerning documenting and citing sources:
Avoiding plagiarism Plagiarism- The Writing Center
What is plagiarism & how to recognize and avoid it

Style Guides

APA Style Guide MLA Style Guide

Website Evaluation Guide

There are several important components that one must consider before using information from online sources.
Authority Who is the author? Accuracy Is the information correct to the best of your knowledge? Objectivity Is the site free of bias? Currency Is the site current?When was the last update? Coverage What depth of subject coverage does the site give?

Additional Resources:

21st Century Information Fluency Five W’s of Website Evaluation
Evaluating Web Pages