School: facebook.com/JacksonAcademy
Michelle Mills

Preschool: facebook.com/JAPreschool
Millie Higgins

Lower School: facebook.com/JALowerSchool
Sarah Love

Middle School: facebook.com/JAMiddleSchool
K Smith/K Sheffield

US Art: facebook.com/JAUpperSchoolArt
Susan Ingram

JH Art: facebook.com/JaJrHighArt

Choral Music: facebook.com/JAChoralMusic
Katie Shores

JA After School: facebook.com/JAAfterSchool
After School

JA Performing Arts: facebook.com/JacksonAcademyPerformingArts
Lauren Ray

Band: facebook.com/Jackson-Academy-Band

Alumni: facebook.com/JAAlumni
Haleigh Ritter

JA Store: facebook.com/JAStore
Store Manager

PAC: facebook.com/JacksonAcademyPAC
Stacy Bates

JAA: facebook.com/JacksonAcademyAssociation
JAA Comm. Chair

*Fall Carnival: facebook.com/JACarnival

JA Raider Sports: facebook.com/JARaiderSports
Bryan Eubank

Raider Network: facebook.com/RaiderNetwork
Bryan Eubank

Athletic Booster Club: facebook.com/JABoosterClub
Booster Club

Varsity Basketball: facebook.com/JAVBasketball
Parent Volunteer

Varsity Baseball: facebook.com/JacksonAcademyBaseball
Parent Volunteer

Varsity Softball: facebook.com/JacksonAcademySoftball

Equestrian Team: https://www.facebook.com/JAequestrianteam
Parent Volunteer


School: @jacksonacademy
Michelle Mills

President: @CliffKling
Cliff Kling

Lower School: @jalowerschool
Sarah Love

Upper School: @JAUpperSchool
Steve McCartney

Band: @JA_Band
Todd Taylor

Sports: @JARaiderSports
Bryan Eubank

Raider Network: @JARaiderNetwork

JA Broadcasting: @jabroadcasting

*JA Retreat: @jaretreat
Student leaders

Choral Music: @JAChoralMusic
Katie Shores


School: @jackson_academy
Michelle Mills

Alumni: @ja_alumni
Haleigh Ritter

Store: @thejacampusstore
Store Manager

Sports: @raidernetwork

Sports: @jaraidersports
Coaches/B Eubank

Volleyball: @ja_volleyball

Accents: @ja_accents
Haleigh Ritter

*JA Retreat: @jaretreat
Student Leaders

JH Art: @artfundamentalsrowan
Art Faculty

Band: @jacksonacademyband

*These accounts are used seasonally near the time of the event. Sport team accounts are also updated seasonally if they have a parent volunteer.