Jackson Academy Visual Identity

Jackson Academy’s primary visual identity consists of the JA logo, the JA crest and seal, primary and secondary colors, and two specific typefaces.

Before using any of the Jackson Academy marks, a written request must be sent to the Marketing and Communications Department.  Please describe how JA’s marks will be used and in what context.  No changes to any aspects, colors, designs, or elements of the Jackson Academy marks are permitted.



JA Logo

The two JA marks are the JA and the JA Circle Logo. Each mark may be printed in the JA navy, reversed to white, or printed in solid black.




 JA Circle


 JA  JA-Circle-Reversed


All For One

The All For One marks may be printed in the JA navy, reversed to white, or printed in solid black.


All For One

All For One


All For One
(Tag, Two Colors)

All For One

AFO-Text-with-JA AFO-Text AFO-Text-with-JA-two-color AFO-Text-Two-Color


Jackson Academy Logo with All For One Tagline

The All For One marks may be printed in the JA navy, reversed to white, or printed in solid black.


 All For One




JA Crest and Seal

The Jackson Academy Crest and Seal are reserved for academic use ONLY. Every effort should be made to use the full color version of the JA Crest and Seal. The seal and crest marks official guidelines PDF may be found below.  For questions regarding usage, contact the Marketing and Communications Office at news@jacksonacademy.org.

Crest and Seal Guidelines


Crest (Full Color)


 Crest (One Color)


Seal (Full Color)


 Seal (One Color)


Crest-Full-Color Crest-One-Color Seal-Full-Color Seal-One-Color


Crest and Seal Elements


Book With Founding Date Rising Sun Chevron







Live Oak Wreath Acorns Torch








Seal and Crest Symbology

Many of the elements of the crest are rooted in Jackson Academy history, with four particular elements carried forward from the previous two JA crests. The top portion of the crest takes its shape from the first JA crest. The flame, book, and founding date are classic elements of previous crests.


Represents JA’s founding for the purpose of teaching reading by phonics. The date is placed on the book to connect our founding date with our founding purpose. This represents the quest and thirst for knowledge.


Represents both spirituality and innovation and draws inspiration from Luke 1:78-79:

(NIV) “[B]ecause of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

The rays of the sun also represent enlightenment, reaching outward signifying exploration, innovation, and new beginnings each day.


Mimics the roof of a house and derives from the French word for rafter. It signifies protection, family, and home and was awarded for faithful service or accomplishment in heraldic tradition.


Symbolizes tradition and the tree of learning. JA students play and learn under the shade of prominent Live Oak trees lining the front of campus. The wreath has 18 oak leaves on each side, coinciding with the typical age that a student completes his or her education at JA.


Represent growth and potential. A small acorn develops into an oak tree, which is originally small but has much potential for growth. In the same way, Jackson Academy begins with the limitless potential of its youngest students at age 3 and inspires and equips them to lead lives of purpose and significance. The four acorns represent the four divisions of the school, indicating each division is instrumental in nurturing the potential of each student.


Represents learning, carrying a torch into the world. The lamp and flame were in each previous JA crest. The flame shown atop a torch, rather than in a lamp, represents our students carrying the torch into the world and passing the torch to others, a key aspect of a purposeful life and one of true significance.


Color Palette

Three primary colors make up the Jackson Academy color palette–navy, light blue, and light gray. An additional gray maybe used if a darker shade is needed. In addition to the primary color palette, a group of secondary colors maybe used. Before using the secondary color palette, please submit a request to the Marketing and Communications Department.

Primary Colors

JA Navy
Pantone® 289 C
CMYK 98 84 46 51
JA Light Blue
Pantone® 283C
CMYK 40 8 0 0
JA Gray
Pantone® 429 C
CMYK 0 0 0 30
Additional Gray
Pantone® 423 C
CMYK 0 0 0 55


Secondary Colors

PMS 564
CMYK 41 0 20 1
PMS 7492
CMYK 17 1 45 3
PMS 7491
CMYK 43 10 83 39
PMS 1635
CMYK 0 47 50 0
PMS 123
CMYK 0 21 88 0
PMS 467
CMYK 3 12 34 10
PMS 476
CMYK 32 67 63 78
PMS 426
CMYK 91 74 51 93



Jackson Academy has two primary fonts called Sina and Gotham.