Online Resources

The JAA provides the online resources for parents to get involved, plan events and request reimbursements.

Get Involved

Every parent is a member of the JAA! To get involved, simply volunteer your time and attend JAA events to support the growth and enrichment of our school. Please complete our online JAA Volunteer Form each school year to specify your volunteer interest areas.

Event Planning

If you are planning a JAA event and need to request event setup (i.e. reserve a room) or request items from the JAA hospitality team, this is the place for you! To request event setup, complete our online Event Set Up Form. To request hospitality items, print and complete our JAA Hospitality Form.


If you require reimbursement for a JAA event or program, please complete a reimbursement form, which can be found in the administration building work room. Once completed, the JAA board member the event pertained to will sign the form and return to the Treasurer to complete your reimbursement. All receipts must be attached.


If you have any questions, contact Brandon Kennedy, the JAA President, at

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