Our proudest outcome for students is more than entry to top-ranked colleges or a rewarding career. We’re focused on developing students who are successful at life. We take great pride in these leaders of their communities.

Cultivating leadership requires students to understand the perspectives of others, to find courage when facing the unknown, and to overcome adversity. We challenge students to do much more than go through the motions or meet expectations. In return, they can feel ownership of and authenticity in their accomplishments.

Although students at JA have many accomplishments of which they might brag or boast, the JA spirit encourages a humble and inclusive mindset. The greatest leaders are those who inspire. They celebrate all that has been achieved and extend a helping hand to those who need assistance.

Friendly Competition

At JA, we believe that a little rivalry can go a long way toward helping students learn about the discipline and hard work needed to achieve great things. That’s one reason we cherish our highly competitive athletics programs. We encourage similar engagement in our academics, arts and music, and other offerings. To strive to be the best at playing an instrument, making a film, telling a story, or performing a dance is a quality to be fostered. And the diversity of options and guidance from faculty, staff, and coaches at JA helps students discover where their talents — with practice and purpose — can blossom.

Community Service, the JA Way

JA students and alumni have long been known for their volunteer service. By committing to help others in need, our students are challenged to become more responsible citizens and members of their communities. Instead of sending a check or waiting for a school-mandated service opportunity to “check off” a list of requirements, our students themselves initiate outreach.

An important part of JA student service includes working with teachers on reflection and sharing of what they learned from the experience — including things they might do differently next time.