Annual Fund InformationThe JA Annual Fund is The One Fund and is the  most important fundraising priority at Jackson Academy. It is the only school-operated voluntary fundraising appeal of the year. Gifts to the Annual Fund impact students with academic enhancements from the Preschool to the Upper School.

Teachers also benefit through annual giving.

  • Teachers receive a $100 Christmas bonus and gift card.
  • A significant percentage of JA Annual Fund dollars is earmarked to a growing teacher endowment. This endowment will one day provide Trustees with additional sources of revenue to help retain and attract quality teachers.




 The Annual Fund Contributions to Jackson Academy

  • K3 S.M.A.R.T. lab
  • Uppers School renovations
  • Renovations to the Preschool and Lower School playgrounds
  • Construction of new Commons area for outdoor gatherings and events
  • New MacBook and iPad carts for the Lower School
  • Three MacBook carts for the Upper School
  • “Smart Boards” for Upper School classrooms
  • “Brain Bikes” for Lower School PE
  • Computers for the Upper School library
  • Preschool climbing wall
  • Upper School science lab enhancements
  • Preschool perceptual motor skills equipment